CORDLESS TELEPHONE EQUIPMENT REPAIRING & SERVICING SINCE 1994                     We are one of the leading Cordless Telephone service centers in Kerala. We expertly repair and service all brands of Cordless Telephones. 

Getting your phone equipment repaired is easy: Just box it and ship it to us!. Major couriers are DTDC, First Flight etc (find a nearest courier)..


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A repair & service center for all brand Cordless and Corded Telephone Instruments.

Dialing problems? No transmit or receive? Static? Won't register? Won't charge? Won't link, Noise, Lightning problems, Instrument is dead or intermittently working; We can take care of these problems plus any other problems your handset or base station is giving you.

Sales & Service



1A2 Key Answering Machines, Asuzi,  Avaya, Comdial, Cordless CTG, Executone, Extrom, Goldstar, Harris- Lanier, Inter-tel, Isoetec, Iwatsu, Lucent, Macrotel, Merlin, Mitel, NEC, Nitsuko, Northern Telecom, Premier, Prostar, Samsung, Southwestern, Bell, Teleconnect, TIE, Trillium, Vodavi, Walker, Links1

Extra Long Range Cordless phone, Speaker phone, Dect phone, ITS phone, Answering machines, Digital message system, Fax machines, Ordinary phones

About our specialty:

We repair and service all make, all model and all brands cordless and corded telephones.

We replace your damaged printed circuit board  (PCB) any brand any model any make.

We replace your old, damaged, faded cabinet of your instrument and you will get a new looking instrument.

We have almost all electronic components including microprocessors,  micro controllers, ICs,  SMD ICs, transistors, diodes, optic couplers and other semiconductor components.

We have a wide range of batteries with different voltages and amperes with different pin configurations, which can be used with any cordless telephone brands in the market.

We have a wide range of telescopic and other antennas that are used in wide range of cordless telephone brands and models.

We have a wide range of adaptors (eliminator) which are used in different brand cordless telephones.

Sales & Service

1A2 Key Answering Machines, Asuzi,  Avaya, Comdial, Cordless CTG, Executone, Extrom, Goldstar, Harris- Lanier, Inter-tel, Isoetec, Iwatsu, Lucent, Macrotel, Merlin, Mitel, NEC, Nitsuko, Northern Telecom, Premier, Prostar, Samsung, Southwestern, Bell, Teleconnect, TIE, Trillium, Vodavi, Walker, Links1

Corded telephones

We also service Panasonic Speakerphones, ITS (Integrated Telephone System), AT&T, CASIO and all other corded telephones. 


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Categories: Cities and towns in India by state | Tamil  Nadu -User talk:Ganeshk/Archive 2 - Wikipedia, the free  encyclopediaHi, I noticed that you were interested in Tamil Nadu towns. I'm not sure which part of Tamil Nadu you're from, but i  recently created the article for Tamilnadu  TownsMy-Tamil.Com: Tamilnadu Web Directory - Premier Tamilnadu Web Directory on the Net! ... My-Tamil Home: Top :  Regional : Towns - Directory of Cities and Towns in State of Tamil NaduDirectory of  Cities and Towns in State of Tamil Nadu, India. World:India. Places in State of Tamil Nadu. 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